Essentials – Basics of Wound Care

From burns and abrasions to taking care of surgical sites and other wounds, Vallient Medical is here to help with all your wound care product needs. Our online store offers a wide selection of wound care products at the tip of your fingers. You can order everything you need for wound care without having to leave the comfort of your home. We realize that there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store or medical supply shop when dealing with a wound or post-surgical site. Ordering online is quick and easy with Vallient Medical, and we’ll ship directly to you or your caregiver!

Wound Care Products for Caregivers

Whether you’re a professional caregiver, family member, or friend, Vallient Medical is here for you, too! We have everything you need to provide wound care for your patient or loved one. Professional caregivers can order in bulk, ensuring they are fully stocked with the wound care products they need at all times. For caregivers such as family and friends who are newer to wound care, we understand that it can be a bit intimidating when shopping for the right products to care for your loved one or friend. At Vallient Medical, you can find everything you need without the hassle of going store to store in search of what you need. Caregivers can find the following wound care products at our online store:

For those newer to wound care, you may be wondering what it is and how to go about purchasing the proper products necessary to care for yourself or your loved one. The first step is understanding exactly what wounds are and the different types that can occur. Wounds can be anything from cuts, punctures, scrapes, burns, bites, and ulcers, to surgical sites from minor and major operations. Wounds can be open – meaning there is external damage to the skin that typically causes bleeding, internal tissue exposure, and sometimes even scarring – or closed, which means they are internal wounds that lack visible bleeding and tissue exposure, much like bruises and hematomas.

Chronic wounds, like ulcers, require continual treatment and do not heal as quickly or easily as acute wounds. Acute wounds tend to heal fast and are usually not reoccurring.

Proper wound care is imperative when it comes to healing, as it reduces the risk of infection and prevents further injury to the wound site. You would be amazed at how quickly a minor wound can turn into a major problem without proper wound care. When it comes to surgical wounds, how fast you are able to heal and get back on your feet depends greatly on how you care for the surgical site. Having the right tools to care for the wound is just as important as the wound care itself, and Vallient Medical is your number one supplier for wound care products.

You should always contact your physician if you notice heat, swelling, a foul smell, or redness emanating from your wound.